Department of Ecological Angst

MFA Show, NCAD Annex.
MFA Show, NCAD Annex.
MFA Show, NCAD Annex.

Beatrice O’Connell

Dept of Ecological Angst


14 July – 14 October 2022 as part of ‘Landmarks’ Collective Exhibition Pearse Museum, Rathfarnham, Dublin

8- 14 June 2022 NCAD MFA Fine Art Graduate exhibition


Instagram @beatriceoc

My practice is multi disciplinary; utilising drawing, animation, video, sound, sculpture and installation to explore the area of human and animal behaviour in the face of ecological collapse. The spectre of climate crisis looms in my work, specifically the lost connection with nature in a highly technologically mediated society. The process merges scientific research with ecological storytelling to blend fact with fiction. 

Collaged paper, mechanised pieces and miniature cardboard sculptures create juxtapositions that combine an imaginative mode of play with references to scientific research. A key source is the scientific paper showing the rapid evolutionary change of the peppered moth at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Through natural selection the moth evolved rapidly to blend in with the blackened tree trunks. My experimental films register the transitory nature of the insects. Proto-cinematic devices such as zoetropes are a crucial reference. The emergence of these early forms of entertainment coincided with a sense of disconnection from nature and the subsequent downward spiral into climate crisis.