Current Exhibitions:

Taylor Galleries Summer Show 2019 July 30 – Aug

RHA Annual Exhibition 2019 May 21-Aug 10

Artist’s statement June 2019

By exploring the concept of still life in a nostalgic way, my work is created through painterly processes, based on personal experience and an inseparable immersion in nature since childhood. In my fascination with small creatures I could identify with a sense of helplessness in the face of powerful mechanisms overwhelming them. The paintings are small and intimate with a pared back aesthetic. The material of paint has an innate seductive quality for me with endless possibilities for expression.

The paintings incorporate into their meaning ecological dilemmas. The representations are of creatures and landscapes in flux. Now more than ever the challenges of climate change are acute, with many species becoming extinct and patterns of migration changing due to human intervention. The humble pollinators play a vital role in our global emergency and their decline is a cause for concern. A trace element of human presence is ever palpable. An anxiety and a sense of mortality is felt in these paintings, not only the insects’ mortality but our own mortality as time marches on.