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“We have to appropriate the dramas that surround us and, in a way, befriend them.”

Annette Messager

Ingredients list:

Early Cinema


Ecological Storytelling


Industrial revolution


My practice is multi disciplinary; utilising drawing, animation, video, sound, sculpture, installation and collaborative research to explore the area of human and animal behaviour in the face of ecological collapse. The spectre of climate crisis looms in my work, specifically the lost connection with nature in a highly technologically mediated society. Artmaking for me blends a childlike mode of play and discovery with literary and historical research. This playful approach in constructing small sculptures and cardboard sets utilises found objects and recycled materials. Research processes make connections with diverse areas outside of artistic research such as science, feminist science fiction literature, early film and theatre. Experimental works combine ecological storytelling and scientific narratives to blend facts with fiction; registering the interconnected movement of animals and people and how one action inevitably provokes a reaction. 

In 2021, I was awarded a place on the international mentorship programme with Sabine Theunissen in The Centre for the Less Good Idea (Johannesburg) founded by William Kentridge.

Collaborative Practice: SO Academy at the Centre for the Less Good Idea, Johannesburg SA. ‘Landmarks’ South Dublin Artists Collective.

Recent exhibitions:  SO Academy Exhibition, Johannesburg SA,  2021, Taylor Galleries Winter Show 2021, The Beep Painting Biennial 2020, Swansea UK, The RHA Annual Exhibitions 2019/8/17/16/15, The Rua Red Winter Open 2017 and 2018.

Solo exhibitions: The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre (2021) Ranelagh Arts Centre (2019) Talbot Gallery (2009) Kevin Kavanagh Gallery (2000) and nationally in The Hunt Museum, Limerick (2004).

Selected national group exhibitions include the RHA Annual Exhibition (2015-2019), Rua Red Winter Open (2017 and 2018) RUA Belfast (2015); Claremorris Gallery (2017); Annual Wexford Festival Opera Exhibition (2009) Eigse – Carlow (1998, 2014, 2008) Taylor Galleries Winter and Summer Exhibitions (2017-2020) International selected exhibitions: ‘The Border Art Prize 2012’ Tweed River Art Gallery, QLD, Australia. 

Awards:  SO Academy SA Mentorship Award (2021) Dublin Corporation Bursary award (2001)  Eigse – Carlow, Emerging Artist Award (1998) Iontas Student Award (1996)

Residencies:  Fundaçion Valparaiso, Spain, the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Co Monaghan and Cill Rialaig, Co Kerry.