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Beatrice O’Connell’s artistic practice encompasses painting, drawing, animation, performance and video. She has gained recognition for her paintings since graduating from TU Dublin in 1996. More recently she has expanded her work to include experimental film, animation and performance.

She focuses on the relationship between nature and culture as the spectre of climate change looms.  Ecological dilemmas are incorporated into the meaning, specifically the lost connection with nature in a highly technologically mediated society.  The representations are of creatures and landscapes in flux. A trace element of human presence is ever palpable. 

“My experimental films register the interconnected movement of animals and people and how one action inevitably provokes a reaction. Inevitably nature finds a way to encroach on our comfort zones. We cannot isolate ourselves forever from the world that we are so intimately connected with.”

In 2021, Beatrice was awarded a place on the international mentorship programme with Sabine Theunissen in The Centre for the Less Good Idea (Johannesburg) founded by William Kentridge.

Recent exhibitions include the Taylor Galleries Seasonal Colour 2021-2022, The Beep Painting Biennial 2020, Swansea UK, The RHA Annual Exhibitions 2019/8/17/16/15, The Rua Red Winter Open 2017 and 2018, Taylor Galleries Winter Exhibition 2020.  

Solo exhibitions include Seamus Ennis Arts Centre (2021-22) Ranelagh Arts Centre (2019) Talbot Gallery (2009) Kevin Kavanagh Gallery (2000) and nationally in the The Hunt Museum, Limerick (2004).